Be in the abundance and beauty of life.

Be Shri Yoga

Be in the abundance and beauty of life.

For total beginners or those who want to refine their alignment. Focus will be on breath awareness, foundations and alignment principles. Therapeutic tools will be introduced to help clear obstacles of pain and tightness.


For beginners and advanced beginners or any students who desire a slower pace with attention to breath and alignment. Students will do more linking of poses and therapeutic tools will be introduced and implemented.


This class is for all levels looking for more of a dynamic stretch class with some restorative poses introduced. Breath awareness and breathing techniques introduced and practiced.



This unique class will start with a centering and Flow sequence for the first half of the class and transition to a restorative practice for the second half. Attention to alignment and the breath will be implemented. Energize , Restore and Renew through movement and relaxation.


This class is more suitable for the regular yoga practitioner looking for more of a challenge but also the ability to be where they need to be and grow in their practice. The poses are paced with the breath with elegant alignment bio-mechanics and creative sequencing. Not recommended for beginners.


This is a “follow the yogi” format for the more seasoned practitioner looking to step up their practice. Sequencing is designed to open the body on a deeper level and prepare for and experience more advanced asanas.


For the very seasoned yoga practioner who is familiar with the alignment principles and has more mastery of the advanced syllabus of yoga poses.


Yang to Yin, the perfect balance! This class begins with a rigorous open level flow practice then winds down to a slower more passive pace with longer holds. Traditional Vinyasa flow has a very Yang quality because it’s active and it stretches, tones and conditions the superficial muscle tissue of the body. Yin Yoga is a slower, more passive practice with longer holds that targets the connective tissues, (the ligaments, bones, fascia, and even the joints), of the lower spine, hips and pelvis. A perfectly balanced practice from pranayama right down to the wonderful aromatherapy in Savasana!


A dynamic and stimulating flow class paced with deep breathing designed to enliven and enrich the body , mind and heart with energy. Knowledge of alignment is recommended as this class will have a more vigorous element in the sequencing and pacing of the class.


A strong flow practice designed to get your total body opened up with deep breathing and movement from the core. A great hour class for building endurance and getting fully open. Not recommended for beginners but suitable for all other levels.


The first half of this class will be a gentle yoga session to open up the body and mind for the second half of the class which will be a guided meditation practice. Several styles of meditation will be introduced. This is appropriate for all levels of students.